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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Leaves are falling and winter is just around the corner, but what can we expect here in Northeast Ohio? FOX 8’s meteorologists are breaking down the winter weather outlook.

We’re already starting to feel the impacts of the cooler temperatures.

This is the third year for a La Nina, but what does that mean?

Looking back at the past two winters, a lot of competing elements put us in a storm detour, keeping things pretty quiet.

In fact, over the past seven-year period, we’ve mostly seen less than normal snowfall.

However, we won’t be seeing that storm detour this year. The average jet stream will be much more unified.

Once the cold gets established, we’ll have a much greater persistence.

As a result of that, we’re looking at average temperatures to go below normal.

December should be 4 degrees below normal, January should be 1 degree below normal and February will be 3 degrees below normal.

When it comes to snowfall, the 30-year average is now down to 63 inches.

This winter, we’re predicting 75 to 83 inches of snowfall. That’s not record-setting snow, but after the last seven years, it will definitely get our attention.

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