CLEVELAND (WJW) – The skies might look a little hazy during sunrise and sunset over the next few days, but why?

Smoke from the fires still burning in the Northwest region of the United States has moved into the Midwest. High winds in the upper atmosphere, also known as the Jet Stream, are able to carry the smoke into parts of the Midwest.

Aside from creating a “milky” look to the sky, it can also make our sunrises and sunsets more vivid.

The smoke particles are able to scatter light and filter out the short wavelengths. This will allow more of the longer wavelengths, giving the sky and sun a more reddish tint.  

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Larger and more dense batches of smoke could impact air quality for those with pre-existing conditions. As of now, there are now active air quality alerts for Northeast Ohio as this smoke is very high in the atmosphere.  

We should see improvements later this weekend with our next weather system.