CLEVELAND (WJW) – Are the cold, winter temperatures making you wish for spring? It’s still 45 days away, and there’s still plenty of winter left.

So, will it be a harsh or mild rest of the season?

The FOX 8 Weather Team is breaking down what to expect for the remainder of the winter.

The first place we always look is the Pacific waters. For the third year in a row, we have a La Nina, but it’s really softening up and it could flip over to El Nino next year.

This year, we have below-normal snowfall, which stretches all the way out into Iowa.

Over the last couple of winters, we’ve had a storm detour split in the jet stream.

This winter, we thought we would see the jet stream become a bit more unified, keeping us in the cold air more often, but that has not been the case.

We’ve seen that split jet stream and a lot of resistance from high pressure from the southeast, so the cold has been visiting us, but we’ve really only had it twice — just before Christmas and early February.

Therefore, we saw near normal temperatures in December, above normal temperatures in January and we’re adjusting February to near normal.

So, what about snowfall?

We’re expecting 42 inches to 50 inches total for the winter, lower than the 30-year average of 63 inches. We’ll probably see another decent snowfall in February and one in early March.

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