What is this upcoming winter looking like?

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I’ve been asked this question countless times recently as the summer months are almost behind us (June through August).  Yes, it’s late August but there are some significant indications about this winter.

I know. I know. Many of you say that we should concentrate on forecasting the day-to-day forecast instead of trying to nail down forecasts for months down the road. In truth, both of these forecasts are formulated differently so to compare them is an “apples-to-oranges” exercise.  I wrote about this a few months ago.

The Farmers’ Almanac has come out with their “forecast.”  I love the Almanac. They have great articles.  But their secret formula for long-range outlooks doesn’t have a great track record. I gave some hints on the upcoming winter back in July.

Let’s just say that you better plan on a fair amount of “SNOW DAYS” and a longer commute to work in the snow and cold!  More details later this fall.