New England Snowstorm will be Historic!

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02/12/06, Manhattan, NY-A couple walked through E. 6th St. during the first snow blizzard of the winter in New York city. Photo Credit: Chang W. Lee/The New York Times Assignment# 00018871A

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As I write this, the system that produced the rain and wet snow over northern Ohio is phasing with the east coast system. This current radar loop (as of mid morning Friday) illustrates this beautifully.

bgm_None_animThe winds along the New England coast near Cape Cod could exceed 75 mph!

windsWave heights will be higher than 20 feet…

surfSnowfall amounts throughout most of Massachusetts could reach 30″+

accsnow_earlySATpmWhy are the snowfall amounts so high with this storm? The answer might lie in the well above normal sea surface temperatures in a few spots along the New Jersey coast up to Maine. This may add additional moisture into this already formed nor’easter.

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