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(OHIO) — A breeze from the south continues to push in some “warmer” air for the week. Warming to near 40, but feeling like mid-30s. More sunshine today!

Wind gusts over the next 24 hours could reach 25 to 30 miles per hour.

Better and better every day this week as we kick off a warming trend:

Staying dry through the middle of the week. Our next system moves in early Friday bringing a few showers. We have a better chance for rain Saturday.

We will also see a surplus of water with the chance for a decent amount of snow to melt.

After this past winter storm, we’ve recorded four hours of wind chill temps at -30 or colder in Cleveland. Last time we experienced those dangerous wind chills was in the winter of 2013-14 where we recorded 36 hours. The most occurred in the winter of 1981-82 with 82 HOURS YIKES!

Here’s the latest 8-Day Forecast:

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