Editor’s Note: The forecast below has been updated and is no longer active. Please click here for the latest weather conditions. 

CLEVELAND (WJW) — Another quiet, comfortable night ahead. Almost a carbon copy of Saturday night. The only change is winds will be slightly calmer. Inland and eastern communities will be on the cooler side (low to mid 40s) while western and lakeshore communities will be warmer (low 50s).

The stretch of beautiful weather is perfect for all your fall outside events.

Our stretch of unseasonably warm, sunny and dry days continues. Repeat performance Monday as temperatures top 70. That’s at least 10 degrees above average.

Wednesday is our transition day with our first chance of rain showers. That means, the next two days are your chance to finish up your yard work and suck those leaves up. We cool off again, just not as chilly as that last round.

Here’s your latest 8-Day Forecast: