Editor’s Note: The forecast below has been updated and is no longer active. Please click here for the latest weather conditions. 

CLEVELAND (WJW) — Happy summer solstice! Summer officially started at 5:13 a.m. Tuesday – we’ll see 15 hours of sunlight.

The atmosphere’s set up to temperatures which may exceed 90°F for a day or two. Thus far, we’ve seen three 90°F days officially in Cleveland (none of them records).

Tuesday afternoon forecast temperatures: It will be hot but not as humid as last week.

An air quality alert has been issued until midnight on Tuesday.

Here’s a look at Tuesday’s established record highs for Northeast Ohio:

Here are some sunset times for spots around northern Ohio:

The next chance of showers and storms are Wednesday afternoon in our southern viewing area.

Nice drop in humidity Thursday and Friday before some heat returns this weekend.

Here is the latest Fox 8 Day Forecast: