Editor’s Note: The forecast below has been updated and is no longer active. Please click here for the latest weather conditions. 

CLEVELAND (WJW) – We hit 81°F in Cleveland Tuesday. Cities in the western part of the state were well into the 80s…eastern communities a few degrees shy of 80. Without much movement from any weather system across the country, there is no reason to expect anything to change in the next few days.

The high Wednesday is forecast to be 82, and some places could creep higher.

We’re gaining daylight as well… by the end of this week, the sun won’t set until nearly 8:30 pm!

A string of dry days ahead. The longest stretch of dry weather since last November 4-10. The next chance of a few showers is late Friday night and during the weekend afternoons.

Here is the latest Fox 8 Day Forecast: