CLEVELAND (WJW) — While it may seem like snow shouldn’t be allowed during April in Northeast Ohio, turns out big weather jumps, as predicted for this week, aren’t so uncommon.

FOX 8 meteorologist Scott Sabol said that in fact the weather has gone from snow to 80 degrees more than 50 times in April since 1950. However, the reverse has only taken place about 10 times.

Many in Northeast Ohio already experienced snow this week, but going into the weekend, temps are expected to soar into the 70s, with hitting 80 degrees even possible. The last time a jump of that magnitude took place was last year, Sabol said.

The quickest snow-to-80s weather turnaround in April was over a 19-hour period in 2007, Sabol said.

Sabol made clear that most large temperature swings occur in March and April in any given year and that those in the central part of the country see more jumps than those in the Great Lakes region.

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