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**Related Video Above: Snow falling on Highland Heights earlier this month.**

CLEVELAND (WJW) — No, it wasn’t all in your mind, this winter in Northeast Ohio was particularly mild.

Winter 2022-23 (running December through February) was the 10th least snowy winter season on record for Cleveland specifically, raking in only 16.9 inches of snow. The average amount of snow in that period for the city is 45.7 inches.

Take a look at where this season’s Cleveland snowfall measures up since records have been taken below:

But as those who live in the area are well aware, snow doesn’t just come for us during the main winter months.

Now that we’ve officially wrapped up the snowy season, we wanted to take a look at just how much snow we’ve seen from July 1, 2022 through May 15, 2023: And that’s just 22.7 inches of the white stuff. The average snowfall for Cleveland is about 64 inches during that same time frame.

To be clear, there’s been a wild fluctuation between highs and lows in snow levels in our area over the last century. For instance, the most snow Cleveland ever got (at least on record) was about 117 inches in the 2004-2005 season, but, as seen in the graph above, there’s also been far less than that recorded.

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