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CLEVELAND (WJWJ) – Drier air invades the region, clearing out the clouds and taking away our rain chances for a while. It feels great! Humidity is low again. And, it’s windows open kind of weather! Enjoy! Mostly sunny today with highs reaching 80.

What summer has been more humid 2021 or 2022 in northern Ohio? So far 2021! 42% of the time the dewpoint has been above 65 in 2021. This year only 25% of the time. The first half of June was “cooler” and comfortable keeping the numbers lower OVERALL

Our comfort factor continues through the weekend. You’ll notice a slight uptick on Sunday. But the tropical air breaks through next week. As the heat and humidity increase so do our rain chances. The next best chance of rain comes Monday night into Tuesday morning.

A nice break from the extreme heat and humidity through early next week then more consistent heat/humidity returns. Could be the warmest period of the summer so far.

Here’s the latest 8-day forecast: