Editor’s Note: The forecast below has been updated and is no longer active. Please click here for the latest weather conditions. 

CLEVELAND (WJW) – A Heat Advisory will take effect Wednesday afternoon with a heat index in the triple digits between 3 and 6pm.

A few showers and storms will move in late into early Thursday as we kick off an unsettled pattern.

Front stalls with another system over the weekend.

So far, we have experienced 90°F or higher 11 days this year. Normal for the whole year is 13 (last 20 years).

What summer has been more humid 2021 or 2022 in northern Ohio? So far 2021! 42% of the time the dewpoint has been above 65 in 2021. This year only 25% of the time. The first half of June was “cooler” and comfortable keeping the numbers lower OVERALL

Here’s the latest 8-day forecast:

Above is the current 8-day forecast.