**Editor’s note: This weather is no longer up to date. Click here for the latest forecast**

CLEVELAND (WJW) — We’re thankful for this amazing forecast!

Temperatures will hang out in the 50s and 40s Thursday evening as clouds continue to build into the area. It will stay dry through most of the night before a few showers start to move in late Thursday and overnight.

Two batches of rain are expected for the holiday weekend.

The first tonight and early Friday will be spotty and the second on Sunday will be more widespread. Light showers will develop around 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. tonight, and light rain will last about six hours.

Rain will redevelop Sunday. Coverage will be 90% to 100%. Rainfall duration will be long. It’ll be a soggy one for the Browns game.

Here are rainfall details for Friday through Sunday:

There still aren’t any long stretches of extreme cold over the next week.

Here’s the latest 8-Day Forecast: