FORECAST DISCUSSION – Meteorologist Melissa Mack

Lake Erie water temperatures are running very warm. Average water temperature (satellite measurement) is 5 degrees warmer than last year. How fast did the water temperatures cool last fall/early winter? Notice how the water temps even out by the end of December when looking at the last 3 winters. HERE is an article Scott wrote on his BLOG answering the question on whether or not the warmer lake will increase lake effect snow

The foliage is really starting to pop! The color change has been delayed a bit this season so soak in the beauty!

Thursday is the next chance of rain as a cold front moves through and drops temps into the 50s next weekend.

Lake effect clouds and showers will be part of the forecast late this week into early this weekend.

One of the “teleconnections” we watch for significant weather pattern shifts is the “PNA.” Note the shift in the forecast for the remainder of October: Scott has a new BLOG POST describing this with a recap of the warm October thus far.

Here is the wind aloft forecast for October 24th. A BIG change from the current pattern.

It’s that time of year! Brush up on your woolly bear weather lore! Will it be a harsh or mild winter according to our fuzzy friends?

Snowfall last winter vs the snowiest winter 2004-05

Fall foliage is beginning to show up! Meteorologist André Bernier takes a closer look at the maple tree, one of the most stunning trees to give us bright autumn colors, in his latest edition of WeatherJazz®!

Hello October! Here are the stats for the month. (And yes, it has snowed in October.)

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