Here is a look at how the maps shape up:

Maps in Motion
Drier Forecast – Probability of Precipitation
  • Showers will continue Friday across the eastern half of northern Ohio

Get ready for a cool stretch of below-average temperatures next week. Stay tuned. This is not uncommon for Northeast Ohio. The average last freeze is typically the last week of April for many areas.

April is running a snow surplus!

April Snow


-Chance of a few spotty showers Sunday late

-Best chance for showers next week mainly late Tuesday/early Wednesday.

Temperatures slightly below average

Winds Aloft

Here’s the latest Fox 8 Day Forecast:

Fox 8 Day Forecast
  • Given the overall pattern, the chances of seeing another day in the 70s+ this month is not likely until the last few days of April.

Small chance by month’s end. We will see a few “bounce-back” days but overall temperatures will stay near/slightly below normal for the next 2+ weeks! Here is an animation of temperatures through April 29nd (blue areas indicated below normal temperature areas)

We have a Robin “setting up shop” on one of our front yard ledges. Check out the pics:

Here is the video that André Bernier told the 5 PM audience about that was filmed at the Fagradalsfjall Volcano in Iceland:

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