Meteorologist Melissa Mack

Oh sunshine! Clouds will be taking over the sky cover after sundown from south to north tonight. Unfortunately, it’s looking like the clouds will obscure our view, at least partially, of a cool nighttime spectacle.  Tonight marks the start of the strongest meteor shower of the year!  THE GEMINID METEOR SHOWER peaks tonight through Friday morning 14th.  Right now, it appears that a partly to mostly cloudy sky will be prevalent during this event.

Wet weather is heading into our vicinity PM Friday through Saturday.  Temperatures will be on the rise concurrently with the rising rain chances. Most of the rain stays south of us Friday, and it’s looking questionable as to how far north and how much rain will affect us on Saturday. We’ll keep you posted.   Highs will reach above average during this time frame and climb into the mid and upper 40’s.

Here’s your latest 8-Day Forecast:

Looking back…Our long range outlook issued back in late November highlighted a break from the cold around mid-December. So far, that forecast is looking good. Let’s hope for 50+!

Dreaming of a white Christmas?  Christmas snow history is not very promising in Northern Ohio.  Take a look…

Historically how often do we see measurable snow on Christmas? Pick your spot anywhere in North America.