Monday reached a 90°F high! That’s a total of 14 – 90+° days here in Cleveland.

Pool days galore are in store for us this week!

Temperatures during the first 9 days of August have been cooler than normal. Only 2014 and 2004 have been cooler in the last 20 years.

Since our last 90 degreer day (July 27th) Much of the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes have been well below normal.

It’s another great night to catch a glimpse of the Perseid Meteors! It peaks tonight! Mainly clear and with temperatures in the 60s make it a great night for viewing weather wise!

Here’s the latest Fox 8 Day Forecast:

We’ve about half the number of severe storm warnings compared to last year. Here are the numbers since the mid 1980s through August 5th

Long range outlook keeps the 80s this week with another cool down next week

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