Forecast updated by Meteorologist André Bernier

There were enough breaks in the clouds on Wednesday night for John Tryon (Twitter: @scannerjt1) to capture a fun image!

The Summer Solstice was earlier today at 6:07 AM! What a way to kick off Summer of 2018!  Plenty of sunshine, highs around 80, and low humidity will rule the roost.  Then, more rain will be on the way as we wrap-up the week.  Here’s your latest 8-day forecast:

We average about 16 hours of heat indices of 100+ degrees per summer. Last summer we only had 1 hour. 4 in 2016, None in 2015 and 2014.  Last year above normal:  2012 with 67 hours.  The most hours ever:  198 hours in the summer of 1995.  The drought year of 1988 has 103 hours with heat indices of 100+.

Whenever the skies cooperate in the next few weeks, try locating two very bright planets in our night sky: