FORECAST DISCUSSION – Meteorologist Dontae Jones

Mostly clear skies with warm comfy temps in the 70s takes through the bulk of the evening. Overnight, skies remain clear and it’s not nearly as cool, we’ll settle into the mid 60s. You’ll notice it’s a tad muggier tonight.

Heat builds back in as we head towards 4th of July weekend, 90’s as we wrap up the work week. Steamy! Humidity ramps back up, making our low 90’s feeling hotter.

So far, the best chance of rain will be on Friday and Saturday with the passage of a cold front. That feature will knock us back to average and in the low 80’s. Firework forecast looking good! Mainly clear skies are anticipated. BOOM!

Here’s the latest 8-day forecast:

Soil moisture is dropping across the Ohio Valley over the last few weeks.

Rainfall has be below normal over the last 2-3 weeks across 60% of northern Ohio