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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 weather team is monitoring a storm system that could bring heavy precipitation by the middle of this week, Wednesday into Thursday.

Two scenarios are predicted right now, both ending in high-impact weather in Northeast Ohio.

FOX 8 Meteorologist Scott Sabol expects it to be a wintry mix starting out as rain, then transitioning to sleet or freezing rain, and then back over to snow at the end.

Here is the timing: The first is Wednesday night, we change from rain to snow and stay all snow through Thursday. Snow totals are too early to predict right now according to FOX 8 Meteorologist Scott Sabol.

The other, is the area in “pink” that you see in the Ohio valley in scenario 1, which stays farther north with warmer temperatures and sits in central Ohio. This could cause flooding as precipitation would be more freezing rain than snow.

You see they are not that far apart in the two maps when looking at the entire storm. What happens here though is southern counties would get more mix and ice instead of snow. Not necessarily a better outcome.

Right now, Ohioans should expect a difficult day either way Thursday. Snowfall amounts and possible ice locations will get adjusted as the storm gets closer.

According to Scott Sabol, this is the beginning of a pattern where we’re going to see these systems occurring more frequently in February into March across the Ohio Valley.

The FOX 8 team said they have been tracking this wintry mix pattern for a few weeks now. They will continue to adjust the forecast and what we can expect as they analyze the new data constantly coming in.

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