Think you have a green thumb?

There are 6 categories for upload:

1. Cutest Kids in the Veggie Garden
-Upload a photo of your kids working in the Veggie Garden! Photos can be from last year’s garden or your recently planted garden.

2. Most Unique Garden
-Have some funky garden art? It can be unique or kitschy – we want to see it!

3. Best Use of Water
-How do you use water movement in your garden? Show us your fountains, ponds, birdbaths, etc.

4. Best Mixed Container
-How many plants can you fit in one pot? We don’t know but we want to see yours!

5. Best Bounty
-How many veggies did you get last year? We want to see your 2015 bounty!

6. Best Fairy Garden
-Do you have a small yet majestic garden growing? Show us your fairy garden/miniature garden!

CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD A PHOTO for a chance to win a Suncrest Gardens Green Thumb Award!

Good Luck!