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CLEVELAND (WJW) — It’s a right of passage for Cleveland Browns fans. A time honored tradition if you will. But the price to park inside the Muni Lot before Browns games might be increasing.

A new ordinance proposed by the Cleveland mayor’s office at Monday night’s Cleveland city council meeting would increase a vehicle to park per game from $30 to $70.

Garfield Heights native Pat Gawryszewski was stunned at the proposal.

“After last season’s disappointment, they expect us fans to go and pay $40 more dollars to go and tailgate and try to numb the pain that they’re trying to put on us on the field of play?” Gawryszewski said. “That’s incredible.”

In addition, daily parking in the Muni Lot would increase from $5 to $10 under the new proposal.

“I think it’s absolutely crazy,” North Olmsted native Rachael Toth said. “Why would you want to charge people that are still supporting the Browns that much? That’s nuts.”

This is what is being proposed: Daily parking rate at the Muni Lot would jump from $5 a day to $10. But for Browns games and special events, the price would jump $30 to $70 a game.

(See photos of Muni Lot celebrations from previous years below)

If you have season tickets and tailgate, that’s $630 a season to park for all nine home games.

According to the ordinance that’s being proposed, fees collected from the Muni Lot as well as three other parking lots in the city would be credited to the Division of Parking Facilities Enterprise Fund for general operations.

“If it’s infrastructure and helping the city, I get that,” said Macedonia native Connor Aten. “There’s obviously corrections to be made, but if you’re going to charge people to park somewhere else, that’s messed up.”

The thought is for lot money to go toward brand new smart parking meters all across the city.

“If it’s going to help the city, we all live here together, that’s great” Aten said. “But if it is just to create technology to park on the street in downtown Cleveland it’s hard to get behind.”

FOX 8 reached out and requested comment from the mayor’s office but we have not heard back. Requests to talk to members of Cleveland city council also went unanswered.