CLEVELAND (WJW) – The Browns Pro Shop Monday already seeing a spike in interest from fans looking to support Cleveland’s newest hero, rookie kicker Cade York.

York booted a 58-yard field goal to win the season opener against the Carolina Panthers and now has growing interest in his jersey. Typically, kickers don’t have high demand when it comes to jersey sales. That’s not the case with the Browns’ fan base.

“I was expecting a line of Cade York jersey’s here, but I guess I’m the first one,” Browns fan Joe Ciryak said.

Ciryak said he owns jerseys of a few players that have recently left the team, so it was time to pick someone new to support.

“We’ve been looking for a kicker like we’ve been looking for a quarterback for the last several years,” Ciryak said. “I think we found the guy. He just made a 58-yard field goal, and he’s been booming 70-yarders in practice. ‘Gotta get on the hype train now.”

The season-opening win is invigorating the fan base like a breath of fresh air.

“Got the first win, you know, definitely got the monkey off of our back,” Browns fan Brandon Michael said. “So, I’m excited, ready to go and see how the rest of the season goes.”

Michael didn’t buy a York jersey on Monday but did say if he keeps winning games for the Browns, that will change.

“Having a good kicker can be the difference between a win and loss,” Michael said. “Having him is exciting. Haven’t had one like him since Phil Dawson. I’m excited for him to be a Cleveland Brown.”

The Browns Pro Shop is working to build a solid stock of York jerseys ahead of their typical Friday rush, and the Browns’ home opener against the Jets this weekend.

“We found our guy,” Ciryak said. “Highest drafted rookie kicker this year and it was showing he was worth the pick. If he keeps making field goals like this, I would have taken him in the first round.”