CLEVELAND (WJW) — “When you make a mistake, it comes back to haunt you,” said former Cleveland Browns running back, Greg Pruitt, who stopped by the FOX 8 studios to talk about the Browns’ 23-20 loss to the Atlanta Falcons.

The Browns are now 2-2 after falling to the Falcons with a field goal.

“It doesn’t satisfy me that the coach at the game said, ‘I take full responsibility,’ for what happened’,” Pruitt said. “I want that to change. We’re still making mistakes. Atlanta didn’t beat us. We made the mistakes to allow them to beat us.”

He said at the end of the game on the last drive when Browns had possession, the game should’ve been tied.

“We should’ve been driving to get a field goal to win the game,” he said. “It would’ve been set up perfectly.”

He’s also disappointed in the performance of defense.

“You’re only as good as the 11 guys you put out there,” he said. “You gotta be better than their 11. Garrett may go down as one of the best defensive ends to ever play the game, but on Sunday he couldn’t help us. He wasn’t in uniform. And neither could Clowney.”

He said the next five games could get ugly.

The Browns play the Los Angeles Chargers 1 p.m. Sunday at FirstEnergy Stadium.