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CLEVELAND (WJW) – A win over the Cincinnati Bengals means the Cleveland Browns are ending their season on a high note. But that’s just it. They just ended their season without reaching the playoffs. So fans are now looking back at this past season.

“Overall, I think it was a good season,” said fan Wendell Cheney. “Just too many injuries and too many problems and too many switches.”

“It fell short of expectations considering the talent on the team,” said fan Donald Hamilton.

Baker Mayfield was on the sidelines Sunday but he’s still on the minds of many fans. His jersey popped up all over TownHall on West 25th Street in Cleveland.

But fans have mixed feelings on if they want to see Mayfield return.

Ethan Large is a huge Baker Mayfield fan. “I’m a forever ride-with-6 kind of guy,” he said.

Melina Skowronski agreed. “I think he’s a great player and this year he was put in a bad position with his shoulder injury. But next year if we keep him I think that would be a good move for the Browns.”

Cheney says he’s ready for change. “I’m definitely ready for somebody new. New quarterback, new atmosphere, things like that.”

The Browns have only made the playoffs once since 2002. That was last season when Baker was at the helm. Fans say now it’s all about looking forward.

“Cleveland is a great place and there is a bright future here,” said fan Parker Kufel. “I love Baker, he’s a great guy. I think the playoffs are really reachable next year with a healthy team and no COVID protocols and stuff.”

Chris Strozier agrees. “If they can just work together a little more and tighten up a little more, they’ll be okay. They’ll be good.”

And remember, playoffs or not, the Browns still have the best fans.

“When you’re a Browns fan you’re always a Browns fan, and I think I speak for all of us,” said fan Tavis Riley. “It’s in your blood, and you’re going to be here.”