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CHICAGO — Someone has started an online petition to replace Joe Buck with Bob Uecker for World Series broadcasts.

As the Indians lost to the Cubs in Game 2 on Wednesday, many fans thought the FOX Sports announcer was being biased toward the Cubs.

Some fans even started a wedding registry for Buck and Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber.

The petition says:

“The Cleveland Indians are in the World Series.

Bob Uecker is Bob Uecker – a national treasure. And his portrayal of an Indians broadcaster in the movie “Major League” is all-time great.

Replacing Joe Buck with Uecker would put one of the truly great entertainers in the game on its biggest stage.”

As of Friday evening, nearly 55,000 people had signed the petition.

**You can find the petition here**

On Wednesday evening, Buck told FOX 8, “I get blamed for hating every team. I’m in a no-win. I get it. I’m a huge hockey fan, so when I’m at home in St. Louis and I’m listening to now the national guys call the Blues games, it’s like I want my own people calling it. People in Cleveland want their own people calling it. People in Chicago are used to their own people calling it. I get it.”

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