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GLENDALE, Ariz. (WJW) — The U.S. national anthem is one of the most challenging songs to pull off – from the low to high notes, figuring out where to breathe and, of course, the ever-present comparison to Whitney Houston, whose classic version is widely considered among the best.

At this year’s Super Bowl, country music star Chris Stapleton was asked to sing the national anthem. He came out in the middle of the stadium, surrounded by flags and offered his own version of the song, causing some to get emotional.

The best Super Bowl national anthem performance of all time was lip synced

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce seemingly had a gleam in his eye, while Eagles coach Nick Sirianni was also seen crying.

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Academy Award-winning Troy Kotsur was the sign language interpreter for the performance.

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Take a look at Stapleton’s understated, yet sultry rendition right here. How do you think he did?

Anyone needing a refresher on Whitney Houston’s classic 1991 version of the national anthem can check out the video right here.

While Houston’s performance is widely considered the best-ever version of the song, it was also lip synced, said her producer.

Rickey Minor, who has produced multiple Super Bowl performances (including Houston’s), told TODAY Houston was singing live on the field. But the version heard at home on the TV broadcast was a pre-recording.

“I never shy away from someone questioning anything that was done, or how it was done,” he said in the interview with TODAY. “Could I have said that it was live-live? Yes, but then when do you stop trying to gloss something over? It is what it is. And there’s no doubt that Whitney sang it. So my answer to that, my response to that immediately was, ‘Yes, she sang live. But we used the track for the audio.’”