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CLEVELAND (WJW) — For the first time this season, Mustard came out victorious in the Cleveland Guardians hot dog derby.

“A season of adversity and agony has finally come to an end! Mustard has won,” the team posted on Twitter.

The standings for the beloved tubed-meat race are now as follows:

  • Ketchup: 39
  • Onion: 36
  • Mustard: 1

Yes, mustard, after a season full of ups but mostly downs, was able to just edge out Ketchup to capture his first regular season win during Saturday night’s baseball game, which also featured a celebration of the raising of the division championship flag.

You’ll recall Mustard was sent down to the minors for part of August, after being described as a tantrum-throwing condiment who needed to improve his game by the team.

At the time, Mustard spoke through an interpreter with FOX 8 sports contributor Andre Knott, explaining that he always believed he could be a champion.

“If we’re a second-half team, he’s a second-half condiment,” the interpreter said. “This is the guy. He’s got this. He has no worries. Next year is his year. He’s going to finish strong this year.”

In response to Saturday’s historic win, the hot dogs’ twitter account rightly said: