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CINCINNATI (WJW) — Following a feel-good victory in Cincinnati, Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield was honest with the media about the week his team had faced with Odell Beckham Jr. leaving.

“When adversity hits nobody flinched. It was a long week, I’d be lying if I said otherwise,” Mayfield admitted. “I’m proud of these guys for how they were able to focus and do their jobs. We have a good group, we really do.”

In what was called the Battle of Ohio, the Cleveland Browns didn’t just beat the Bengals, but pounded them thoroughly with a final score of 41-16, bringing them to 5-4 on the season.

But questions swirled prior to the matchup, with fans and journalists alike wondering if the Browns could dust off the drama taking place behind the scenes with OBJ (and his father) shaking things up.

“I wish him well, I really do,” Mayfield told reporters when asked about OBJ following the game Sunday. “My feelings haven’t changed … from a personal standpoint, he’s a good friend of mine. We still haven’t talked, but that doesn’t change things. I wish him well and I wish him the best in his career.”

However, Mayfield made clear his team played for each other, saying it was the first week this season it felt like a great team win.

“I’m proud of these guys, how they were able to focus up despite all the [expletive] going on this week,” Mayfield said. “They were able to do their job and that’s why I appreciate this group of guys.”

With OBJ now out of the picture (the Associated Press reports he’ll be waived Monday, with free agency options on the horizon), Mayfield and his crew can continue to take the season one game at a time.

“We’ll take wins any way we can get them,” Mayfield said Sunday. “I came here to win. I’ve said it over and over again, it’s why I was brought here, to help change the culture and continue to contribute towards that winning attitude and our guys are bought in. They focused up and did their job and that needs to be a week to week thing.”

Watch the full Mayfield interview below: