A high school baseball team in New York suffered a devastating defeat in its championship game in truly bizarre fashion.

Hornell high school’s baseball team was leading by one run during the Section V Class B1 championship game against Palmyra-Macedon high school. With Palmyra-Macedon down to its final strike, Hornell’s pitcher managed to strike out the opposing hitter for the final out of the game.

The pitch, however, wasn’t caught by the catcher. Instead of throwing to first base as would typically occur on a dropped third strike, the Hornell squad began celebrating its championship victory.

Amid the celebrations, Palmyra-Macedon’s baserunners became aware that the play was still considered live and they proceeded to round the bases and score the game-winning run. All the while, most of the Hornell team continued celebrating, though some players tried to make their teammates aware of what was happening to no avail. 

The moment realization set in was unmistakable, as the Hornell coaches immediately transition from joyous celebration to getting right into the face of the umpire, seemingly demanding answers for the bizarre sequence of events.

Both teams were wearing red jerseys, though Palmyra-Macedon donned white pants, while Hornell was in gray. 

Hornell’s catcher even appeared as if he was looking to throw the ball down to first base, only to suddenly opt against doing so and run to the mound to celebrate with the pitcher.

Truly one of the all-time most painful ways to lose a baseball game. The team thought it had just clinched a championship victory, only for a dropped third strike to be the team’s undoing.