In a year with a generational prospect with Victor Wembanyama, Tuesday night’s draft lottery was always going to have one winner and 29 teams feeling like losers. The Spurs emerged with the top pick, though moments before that was revealed, the 7’4” Wembanyama appeared to let out a brief celebration when the Rockets received the No. 4 pick, taking them out of the running for the French phenom.

At least one Houston player has taken notice.

On Wednesday morning, Rockets wing Jabari Smith Jr. shared the video of Wembanyama’s reaction to Houston getting the fourth pick, quote-tweeting the clip with a note emoji.

Smith, who was the third pick in last year’s draft and averaged 12.8 points and 7.2 rebounds across 79 games as a rookie, apparently will be keeping Wembanyama’s reaction in mind going forward, which creates the fun early makings of a rivalry as the two will compete in the same division in the NBA.

It’s unclear exactly why, or even if, Wembanyama had reservations about ending up in Houston. But he seemed quite excited about heading to San Antonio, and had positive things to say about his future home.

“I’m really happy,” Wembanyama said on ESPN. “I really can’t wait to meet the fans and to meet hopefully the team I’m about to go to.”