Every once in a while, a team loses a game in viral fashion.

But that term only begins to describe what Heat fans went through in their team’s final moments on Saturday night against the Celtics

Miami fans across the internet posted their reactions to what they thought would be their team’s game-winning stop at the conclusion of Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals, but instead they posted hilarious videos of them painfully realizing the Heat had just lost at the hands of Derrick White off a historic buzzer beater.

Even the TNT graphics specialists mistakenly posted a score bug indicating that the Heat had won the game and series. So it’s understandable that Miami fans prematurely celebrated what actually turned out to be a soul-crushing defeat.

Arguably the best such video came at a wedding, and it could have all been avoided if they had just watched for one more second. 

The video shows fans at the wedding watching the final possession of Game 6 with the Heat up 103–102. They watched as Marcus Smart’s three-point attempt went in and out of the hoop and immediately began an over-the-top celebration that featured giant Heat flags being waved across a stage. They hilariously missed the fact that White rebounded the miss and put it back in for the win with 0.1 seconds left. 

Premature celebrations were seen all across social media Saturday night, but this one is clearly the most tragic.