The Braves’ Sean Murphy is one of the best power-hitting catchers in the majors. He’s so good, in fact, that he can hit a ball over the fence even when he’s left holding just a toothpick. 

Murphy has a career high 21 homers this season, ranking tied for fifth among MLB catchers. His most recent dinger came in the first game of Sunday’s doubleheader against the Nationals. In the ninth inning, Murphy turned on a fastball that Washington reliever Kyle Finnegan left over the heart of the plate and sent it over the wall in center. But here’s the incredible thing: Murphy broke his bat on the swing. 

A fastball down the middle isn’t the type of pitch a batter usually breaks his bat on, but even though Murphy appeared to have caught the ball flush on the barrel, it still sawed him off. He was left holding just the bottom few inches of the handle as the ball flew over the fence. 

The ball left Murphy’s bat at 102.1 mph and traveled 398 feet. Not bad for a broken bat.