In sports, there are many ways that teams and athletes are honored after winning a championship or surpassing a major milestone.

But, nothing tops the new and unusual “kiss-activated” trophy that the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix winner will receive after winning Sunday’s race. 

The unusual, interactive prize—one that resembles the air absorption that takes place in an F1 car—will salute the winning driver’s nationality. However, that will not happen until the driver kisses the trophy. 

Pininfarina of America and Lenovo—the sponsor of the F1 race—created a mini switch that is connected to a variety of LED lights. Those lights will guide the driver on where to smooch the trophy, which will generate the winning driver’s flag in return.

Paolo Tresvian, the vice president of design for Pininfarina, said it was an honor to be part of Formula 1’s automotive tradition with the launch of the new trophy.

“Formula 1 represents the pinnacle of automotive competition, where design plays a pivotal role,” Tresvian said in a statement. “Our trophy embodies the essence of craftsmanship and forward-thinking aesthetics. It serves not only as a symbol of victory but also as a reflection of our rich legacy and our values of elegance, purity, and innovation.”

The popular F1 race will begin at 1 a.m. ET Sunday at Suzuka Circuit.