By now, you’ve probably heard that Super Bowl LVII will be the first Super Bowl to ever feature two brothers facing off against each other as players in the Big Game. The storyline is a great one that most of the NFL world has gladly embraced—except for the actual siblings themselves. 

Eagles center Jason Kelce and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce are not a fan of the “Kelce Bowl” storyline. Travis started out by saying “. . . if the world hasn’t fed you this s--- already,” when the topic was brought up on their podcast. 

“If you’re not tired of it yet, which we are,” Jason said on the New Heights podcast. “We’re gonna talk about the Kelce Bowl now. It’s been two days and I’m already over it.”

“I kinda don’t like that we’re calling it the Kelce Bowl. Appreciate the support, but there’s a lot of guys involved with this,” Jason added. “There’s major organizations involved. Unbelievable storylines in this Super Bowl. . . We’re going to get asked about this question non-stop from here ‘til the end of the game, and I’m already over it.”

“Appreciate you guys calling it the ‘Kelce Bowl’ but let’s focus on the Chiefs-Eagles,” Travis added.

Despite their exhaustion of the topic, it’s undoubtedly remarkable. Not only are they playing against each other, but each brother is arguably the best at their respective positions. Both were named first-team All-Pro this past season and both already have one Super Bowl ring each. 

No matter how much they don’t like it, this storyline isn’t going away any time soon.