Colorado’s resurgent season continues Saturday as the Buffaloes play host to No. 8 USC, and a win would be the team’s biggest victory yet. However, Colorado is asking its fans to remain composed if the Buffaloes can pull off the upset.

After Colorado’s first two home wins of the season, which were victories over unranked Nebraska and Colorado State, home fans rushed the field in celebration. But prior to the Buffaloes’ game against the Trojans, athletic director Rick George has sent an email to the student body asking attendees not to rush the field in the event of a win.

“Unfortunately, after both of our first two home games, we received an inordinate number of complaints regarding fan conduct (especially student conduct), and after both of our home game victories, students and fans ‘rushed the field,’” George wrote. “Such conduct is unacceptable, and I ask you to please refrain from such behavior in any future events.”

George also noted that rushing the field is against Pac-12 rules in regard to player safety.

Because Colorado hasn’t enjoyed a winning record since 2016, fans are understandably excited over the Buffaloes’ 3-1 start under Deion Sanders. If they do find a way to pull off the upset over USC (4-0), it would be Colorado’s biggest win in recent memory.