Both of the Chiefs’ recent playoff wins showed off Patrick Mahomes’s toughness, as the quarterback played through a high ankle sprain for two consecutive weeks. Through the injury, which usually requires multiple weeks to heal, Mahomes still led Kansas City to another AFC championship.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid described Mahomes’s mindset after suffering the injury on Jan. 21 against Jacksonville. Reid said Mahomes didn’t want to leave the game, but the coach wouldn’t let him back in until he got an X-ray.

“This guy, his mindset was ‘I’m going back in; I’m fine and I don’t need an X-ray,” Reid said on The Herd with Colin Cowherd. “He ran up the ramp to get the X-ray. That’s how mad he was and how much adrenaline he had going through him.” 

Reid went on to say Mahomes never was going to miss the AFC championship game. In fact, the quarterback didn’t want to even change the game plan to accommodate his injury.

“He willed himself from Day 1 after the game that he was going to play, and he wanted to keep everything in the game plan,” Reid said.

Reid admitted Mahomes is the type of player to will his way through anything to play.

“This kid, he is crazy that way,” Reid said.