If the NFL ever cast a poll for which player has the best headshot, the list of answers would likely be never-ending. But, while some would debate the matter to no end, CBS commentator Ian Eagle made his top pick very clear on Sunday.

Eagle was on the call in Seattle for the Seahawks’s 37–27 win over the Panthers, when an eight-yard run from Seahawks running back DeeJay Dallas sparked an interesting yet glowing review from the longtime play-by-play man of Dallas’s uniquely quirky player photo.

“DeeJay Dallas might have the No. 1 promotional photo in the NFL right now. His photo in his bio…another level,” Eagle said.

After watching another Dallas run, Eagle, perhaps still trying to process the pic, continued his hilarious take when he was asked by broadcast partner Charles Davis if his comment meant he thought the 25-year-old was photogenic. 

Explained Eagle, “Well, when you’re doing your prep and you start looking around and DeeJay absolutely leaned into the photo thing, eyes wide open. And went for a certain look.”

While Eagle never specified what he meant by “next level,” one glance at the picture makes it evident that Dallas, who’s in his fourth season, intended to go for something totally different based on his wide-eyed stare. And, judging by Eagle’s reply, it appears his mission was accomplished.