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CLEVELAND (WJW) — In less than 12 hours, Cavaliers basketball returns to the city of Cleveland and fans can’t wait to watch.

For Francis Sanders, driving from Columbus to Cleveland for Sunday night’s home opener was a no brainer. 

“I love it, I love it. It represents Ohio,” said Sanders. “The 20th was my birthday and we decided to purchase tickets to go to the game Sunday.”

The Cavs captured the attention of the city last year, with a young and talented core of players.

Long time Cavs fan, Darrell Sanders, believes the wine and gold is primed for the national spotlight this year.

“Most definitely. I think Donovan Mitchell is going to bring it home for us,” shared Sanders. 

Not since the days of LeBron James has Flannery’s Pub General Manager Sean O’Donnell been this excited for Cavs basketball. 

“If they are not good, no one is going to show up for the first few weeks of the season. Now that they know they are good, they will be here on night one,” explained O’Donnell. 

Simply put; when the Cavs are good, O’Donnell’s downtown business thrives. 

“Of course, every off-season move they make doesn’t just affect them over there… It affects what happens here. If they don’t win, there is no postgame rush. It extends your business if they are doing better,” said O’Donnell. 

Hopefully, local business will boom this season because that means the Cavs have given fans plenty to cheer about in 2022.

The team’s season home opener starts at 7 p.m. Sunday, where they’ll be hosting the Washington Wizards.