CLEVELAND (WJW) — The Browns defense was the star of the show on Sunday as they beat the Washington Commanders 24-10.

Former running back Greg Pruitt stopped by FOX 8 on Monday morning to share his reaction to the Browns win.

“We’re 1-0,” Gregg Pruitt said of the Browns record to start off 2023. “If we could just add 17 more to that, we’re going to the Super Bowl.”

He said he’s impressed with the team after their performance considering the season “basically is over.”

“The guys could have very easily laid down and not played,” he said. “But on the other hand Washington was in it, they had incentive to play well.”

He said it takes time to develop chemistry, when asked about QB Deshaun Watson’s performance.

“You develop chemistry in practice but more so in games,” he said.

He sees “progress in motion,” but says he would expect the team to put more points on the board at this point.

Looking ahead to next week’s battle against the Steelers, he admitted it’s going to be tough but will always bet the Browns against the Steelers.

“It’ll be a big feather in our cap if we can go down there and be 2-0 for 2023,” he said.