CLEVELAND (WJW) – After the Cleveland Browns beat the Cincinnati Bengals in the home opener Sunday afternoon, Running Back Greg Pruitt said he was pleasantly surprised by how the game played out. 

“I was a little concerned about the schedule when I first saw it. We had a tough four games, but it was a great opportunity. We can go 4-0,” Pruitt said.

The Browns opened the season with a 24-3 win over the Bengals on Sunday. Pruitt said the bad weather conditions and the Browns’ defense are what stifled the Bengals’ offense. 

“This defense pleasantly surprised me. We got a tough defense,” Pruitt said.

Up next, the Cleveland Browns will take on the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday, September 18 at Acrisure Stadium.

The Steelers lost to the San Fransisco 49ers 30 – 7 in Sunday’s game. 

“That’s a rivalry again, we start out with two rivalries. I think we got a break in that we played at home vs. on the road. It will be a little bit more difficult in Pittsburgh, but I think we have a better team than Pittsburgh and I think we can beat them,” Pruitt said. “Go Browns!”