CLEVELAND (WJW) — It’s a tradition reserved for champions. 

For the 11th time in franchise history, the Cleveland Guardians raised an American League Central Division Championship flag. This time they did so in front of a Saturday night crowd at Progressive Field.

It’s a moment that means a whole lot, whether you write out the lineup card each day:

“Heck yeah, I’ll enjoy it. I’m proud of it,” shared Cleveland Guardians Manager, Terry Francona. 

Or just come to support the team in the stands:

“It’s been amazing, with such a young team like this. What were expected to win 57 games, it’s been crazy,” explained Guardians fan, Jacob McCartney.

Yes, the youngest team in baseball has exceeded the expectations of many. 

Playing a style of baseball that fits the city they represent. 

“They just got a lot of fight in them. They seem like they wanted it ever since spring training. This team is always just ready to battle,” said McCartney.

An 162-game journey is nearing its end and what a ride it’s been. 

“The whole world was against us and let’s just say, they were wrong,” explained Guardians Fan, Matthew Kiser. 

But just around the corner of Carnegie and Ontario, a new journey begins. 

“We will stick to the bitter end. Hopefully, prayerfully, this is our time,” said Guardians fan, Shurice Gross. 

With a chance to make history and put some plans on hold for a while. 

“My husband and I usually take vacations in October but not this year,” shared Guardians fan, Peggy Mitchell.