(WJW) — Cleveland fans have a lot to say about their beloved team after the Browns beat the Bengals 32-12 on Halloween, breaking their 4-game losing streak.

But the Browns 313-pound offensive line, James Hudson III, got a special mention from none other than Peyton and Eli Manning after his pancake block that secured Nick Chubb’s two-point conversion in the first quarter, seen here.

“A little shoutout to James Hudson III,” Peyton said. “Nice block right there.”

After the game, Hudson spoke on his running start of going in motion and that being new for him, calling it “fun.”

“I was going to get in on that play so I kind of spoke it into existence,” he said. “I visualized it. I made the play.”

He also spoke on breaking the losing streak.

“It means a lot,” he said. “Getting that W going into the bye week is something we really wanted to do and have a good taste in our mouth going into the bye week. I’m glad that we came out with the W and made it happen.”

After the Browns bye week, the team will travel down to Miami to take on the Dolphins at 1 p.m.