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CHICAGO (WCMH)– Parents of Big Ten football players rallied outside the conference headquarters in Chicago Friday morning calling on Big Ten Kevin Warren commissioner to have a conversation with them about a season.

Randy Wade, father of Ohio State Junior CB Shawn Wade, organized the gathering.

“We understand it’s a pandemic,” he said to the media before holding a moment of silence for those who have lost their lives to the coronavirus.

“The situation with the Big Ten, the lack of transparency, is a problem for parents,” he continued. “The reason we are here is we want to have conversation. It’s simple: we want to have conversation. We want to play in the fall, but regardless of playing in the fall, we want to have conversation before the spring.”

“I always think you should fight as long as you can because you never know,” added Candice Wilson, mother of OSU sophomore WR Garrett Wilson. “Hopefully [Warren] can come back to the table and figure out a way we can do this safely. Our guys have really been following the protocol at the school right now, and they really care about the kids. So hopefully they’ll look at all the information that’s out there and maybe give it another chance.”