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CLEVELAND (WJW)–Are you ready for some football?  The high school season officially begins on Saturday, but one school district has already pulled the plug because of the Coronavirus.  

“We had the meeting yesterday, and it was pretty tough,” said Glenville head football coach Ted Ginn Sr.

Ginn broke the news to his players on Wednesday that there would be no football this upcoming season after the Cleveland Metropolitan School District announced remote learning this fall.

Daryl Forrest/ East Tech Football Coach 

“My immediate response was disappointment,” said East Tech Football Coach Daryl Forrest. “Since this pandemic has hit, we haven’t really been able to be with our kids and having that time with them is vital.” 

On Sunday, coaches from the Senate Athletic League, the conference all CMSD schools compete in, sent a letter to CMSD CEO Eric Gordon asking if the rest of Cuyahoga County and Ohio get to play football, why can’t they? 

“I don’t know what is going to happen to our league, we might not never get it back because we sit in a different seat than anybody else,” Ginn said.

“Having something to do keeps these kids out of trouble, keeps them away from the video games 24-hours a day and just gives them a sense of relationship with their teammates,” said Forrest.

Senate League schools are permitted to continue summer workouts this week, but as of Friday, those workouts must stop.  The OHSAA has designated Saturday as the first official practice day for all fall sports across the state. 

“Long term it is going to hurt us because we are going to lose student athletes that probably would have stayed if we had a season,” Forrest said.

“We are dealing with something that we can’t see and has shut the whole world down.  It’s going to take someone we can’t see to open it back up,” said Ginn.

The coaches from the Senate Athletic League have not heard back from CEO Gordon on their letter, they hope to get more clarity in the coming days.   

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