(WJW) – The NFL is planning a Christmas triple-header for the first time this year.

Mike North, the NFL’s vice president of broadcasting, made the announcement during a recent interview with WGR 500, a sports radio station based out of Buffalo, New York.

During the interview, North said two games will air in the afternoon, one on CBS and another on FOX, and the regular Sunday night game air on NBC.

“Christmas, when it falls on an NFL game day, we’ve had a lot of success there, all due respect to our friends in the NBA,” North told WGR. “When we can play football on Christmas, it tends to be something that our fans are interested in.”

North said the Christmas game between the Cleveland Browns and Green Bay Packers had 30 million viewers last year. It was followed by the Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Cardinals game, which he said also did well.

“Our fans are telling us, we know they watch on Thanksgiving, they’re happy to watch on Christmas as well,” he told WGR.