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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has found more people looking to buy and sell tickets to the NFL Draft online, so we investigated what you should know.

The draft now is just a week and a half away when it will be held in downtown Cleveland.

But, making a deal online for draft tickets can be dangerous.

We did a search for NFL Draft tickets. We quickly found two tickets for sale at $500 apiece.

We also found someone with an online post looking to buy tickets.

Maddie Beyer created the post from her home in San Diego looking to travel cross-country to Cleveland to see the draft in-person.

We asked about any concern she might have about getting scammed.

She answered, “That’s actually the really scary part. I have to be really careful with that process.”

The NFL says, “There is no legitimate way for tickets to be transferred or resold.”

Plus, fans need to have already received their shot against COVID-19.

Still, Maddie is ready to open her checkbook. How much would she pay? She told us,
“I would probably split it with my dad…around 700 apiece.”

Meantime, we tracked down one man in southern Ohio posting tickets for sale. But, he was not interested in talking about it for our report.

The postings about tickets showing up online now are not the first. We noticed some on a website last week that are now gone. Those were taken down by the website now listed as “flagged for removal.”

Consumer watchdogs such as the Better Business Bureau expect we’ll see more.

Over the weekend, FOX 8 introduced you to a few lucky fans. They’d just found out they got draft tickets through the Browns.

Monday, the NFL released a statement to the I-Team saying in an email.

“…you can verify that the only official way for someone to secure NFL Draft Experience tickets is exclusively through the NFL OnePass app and cannot be transferred, exchanged or resold. Tickets for the Draft Theater are for invited guests only and cannot be transferred, exchanged, or sold. Also, many of those areas within the Draft Theater require proof of vaccination.  When in doubt, fans should visit and visit the Event Info page.”