BEREA, Ohio (WJW)–The Cleveland Browns are getting ready for their season finale on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals, who locked up the AFC North title.

A year after their first playoff win since the 1994 season, the Browns failed to make the post season. Defensive end Myles Garrett said he’s not processing it well, but he’ll take a few weeks, go on vacation and then get back to work.

One of the items on his list is convincing Jadeveon Clowney to stay in Cleveland. He said the veteran still has a lot of football left to play and praised Clowney for continuing to be disruptive on defense.

Garrett has evolved into a more vocal leader on the team, not shying away from expressing criticism or frustration. He said if that’s the role he needs to fill, he’ll do it.

“You don’t need to hold back on the truth if it needs to be heard.”

The team’s defensive player of the year has one goal for next season: Make it to the Super Bowl.

“Individual honors are nice, something I can put up in my house and display, something to show my family and my kids one day. But that Super Bowl means everything. Not only to me, but to this team and to this city, and that’s who I play for,” Garrett said.

Garrett told reporters on Friday he’s just now entering his prime and he’s yet to unlock all he’s capable of.

“Got suspended a couple years back, got COVID the year before. It felt like a series of unfortunate events and now it feels like I’m back on my game, physically, mentally,” Garrett said.