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CLEVELAND – The Municipal Parking Lot in downtown Cleveland isn’t known for being a place to park your car, but rather a place to park yourself and party before a Browns game.

“Yeah, having fun,” said Browns fan Katie Pickens.

This week police put new signs up in the lot, just before football season begins.

They read: “Open containers of alcohol are prohibited, consumption of alcohol prohibited and public intoxication prohibited.”

Police said the laws have not changed; it has been illegal to drink alcohol in the Muni Lot. Yes, even if you hide it in a cup.

The old Muni Lot signs simply said ‘no open containers.’

The new, more direct, signs are a reminder for tailgaters who like to get tipsy.

“You are not allowed to drink outside on city property and you are not supposed to be intoxicated in public,” said Detective Jennifer Ciaccia with Cleveland Police, adding officers will be patrolling the Muni Lot during tailgating times, just as they always have, citing offenders.

“All the… laws can be enforced and they will be enforced,” Ciaccia said.

Don’t expect a new red plastic cup task force — enforcement will be done during regular lot patrols, police said.

Many fans expect a lot of tailgaters will just ignore the signs.

“So don’t look for us,” said two women walking downtown that did not give their names.

The Cleveland Browns host the Philadelphia Eagles at home on Friday.