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CLEVELAND (WJW) — For 15 innings, Guardians fans hoped and prayed they could beat the Tampa Bay Rays Saturday in Game 2 of their Wild Card Series. And in the outfield, one life-long fan’s presence was missed.

John Adams, who hasn’t attended a game in a couple years due to health issues, was notably gone from the action, but fans paid tribute to him, hanging up a sign at his usual perch in the back of the bleachers.

**Watch an Adams tribute video below:

“Keep rockin’, John!” the sign, which incorporated his famous drum, read.

The Guardians twitter account shared a photo of the fan art during the seemingly never-ending game, saying: “Cleveland fans are the greatest fans. Miss you, @TribeDrummer.”

Of course, the team did go on to win, with rookie Oscar Gonzalez swinging right for those same bleachers in the bottom of the 15th inning. The huge homer means the team is headed to New York this week to take on the Yankees.