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MAPLE HEIGHTS, Ohio (WJW)– Mind over matter, or in this case, it’s a whole lot of matter over mind for 13-year-old Sean McCall.

The Maple Heights teen recently pushed up 225 pounds on the bench press at the World Raw Powerlifting Federation in Streetsboro. At 13, that is not only impressive, but also record breaking. That lift is now a world record for 13 to 15 year olds and it was the first time McCall benched 225 pounds. 

“They didn’t even tell me it was 225. I tried to ask them how much it was, he just said it doesn’t matter, just go and do it,” Sean said.

Sean started weightlifting at the age of 8 after begging his dad Mike to let him work out with him.  Sean went from 90 pounds at age 8 to 196 pounds in five years.  

“Every year, I wanted to put on about 20 pounds to him and if you do the breakdown, that’s what it was, 20 pounds every year,” Mike McCall said.

Next year, McCall wants to compete in the deadlift competition and again in the bench press, hoping to set a record for both events.  

“I want to hit like 315 maybe. At least by eighth-grade summer,” the teen said.

That’s a year away. For now, he’ll continue to press on and up in hopes of adding more matter over his mind.  

When Sean is not in the weight room lifting weights, he’s playing football and wrestling.