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CLEVELAND– If you want to see Major League Baseball’s best this July at Progressive Field, be prepared to pay up.

Tickets are not even available to the general public yet, but Indians season ticket holders are already cashing in.

“Lower levels seats approximately $1,400 and up,” said Mark Klang, president of Amazing Tickets.

The Indians were given 21,000 of the 35,000 total ticket allotment for July’s Midsummer Classic, but 90 percent to 95 percent of those tickets are already accounted for by season ticket holders. Some of those tickets are available for sale now online.

“A lot of season ticket holders are looking to cash in and sell both the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game,” Klang said.

Right now, you can find All-Star Game tickets available online for about $400. Klang said as we get closer to the event those prices likely won’t decrease.

“What will definitely hold prices up is that Progressive Field is a very small stadium, there is only 34,000 seats,” Klang said.

This is the sixth All-Star game Cleveland has hosted. Ticket prices online right now are a bit cheaper than they were for last year’s All-Star Game in Washington D.C.

“Cleveland, from a national perspective, is not one of the most desirable cities for folks to come and vacation and make a three or four-night stay out of,” Klang said.

Many fans would love to get their hands on tickets to one of the hottest events in town even if it means paying a hefty price just to be inside.

“I would probably be willing to pay. If I could get it for my family, I would go $250 to $300 a ticket just to have a chance to go see the All-Star Game,” said Craig Bogart, of Columbus.

There is still no exact date on when a limited number of tickets will be made available to the public. MLB, by the way, sets the prices for All-Star Game tickets.

Just a reminder, StubHub is the only secondary ticket market approved by the MLB and the Cleveland Indians.

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