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CLEVELAND– In a new interview, Cleveland Indians owner Paul Dolan discussed the team’s payroll strategy and the future of Francisco Lindor.

Dolan had this to say to The Athletic when it comes to advice for fans who may be worried about whether or not the All-Star shortstop will remain in Cleveland. “Enjoy him. We control him for three more years. Enjoy him and then we’ll see what happens.”

Lindor, 25, will reportedly make more than $10 million in 2019. He’s eligible for arbitration through the 2021 season, Sports Illustrated reports.

According to The Athletic, Lindor will likely command a deal of up to six times more than what the Indians paid Edwin Encarnacion, which was $60 million for three years. Encarnacion ended up being traded to the Mariners in December after two seasons in Cleveland.

Right now, the Indians will start the regular season without Lindor, after he suffered a calf strain.

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