CLEVELAND (WJW) – Friday night, the Cleveland Browns will finally be on the clock in the NFL Draft.

They didn’t have any first-round picks and won’t until 2025 because of the trade deal they made with the Houston Texans to get quarterback Deshaun Watson.

The Browns first pick of the 2022 NFL Draft will be in the second round with the 44th overall pick.

Former Cleveland Browns running back Greg Pruitt says the team should focus on defense as Jadeveon Clowney remains a free agent.

“We don’t want to allow teams to be able to run away from (Myles) Garrett. We want to force them to have to deal with Garrett,” Pruitt said.

Pruitt praised the Browns offseason move to get wide receiver Amari Cooper from the Dallas Cowboys.

“I really think Amari Cooper has been underrated,” Pruitt said. “He’s going to make the players we have at receiver even better.”

Pruitt also weighed in on Baker Mayfield.

“We still have a guaranteed contract with Baker,” he said.

Baker Mayfield’s future has been up in the air since the Browns acquired Deshaun Watson from the Texans.

“How do you get rid of part of that contract?” Pruitt said, talking about what’s ahead for the Browns.

“Find someone who is showing interest who would be willing to split that salary, and that’s the best scenario for the Browns,” he said.

But he has an interesting take on what they should do without the best-case scenario.

“I would keep Baker.”

“Merely for his value for future draft picks because injury is a part of this game,” he said.

“Teams are going to wait and try and force them to get rid of Baker for nothing, and so the Browns should hold on to him.”

As for Watson, it’s mostly a wait-and-see, but he says the concern now is an NFL suspension.

“He could be suspended for some time,” Pruitt shared.


“You can exhale that the criminal part is a done deal.”